Welcome to the Ottawa Chapter of DRIE (Disaster Recovery Information Exchange)

DRIE Ottawa was founded in September 1992, under the leadership of Brian Miller. In June of 2005 Brian passed the reins to Grant Whittaker.  Heather Tomalty took over from Grant in December 2005 and in 2008 Heather moved to B.C. at which point she passed the reins to Frank Slater. Frank was President of DRIE Ottawa for 10 years until our current President, Lisa Maddock, took over at the end of 2018.

On May 26, 1994 DRIE Ottawa joined its fellow Canadian Chapters to form a national Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning entity - DRIE Canada.

DRIE Canada currently has eight chapters. To learn more please visit the DRIE Canada website here.

DRIE is a non-profit association of professionals dedicated to the exchange of information on all aspects of planning for an emergency or a disruption to normal operations. We operate on total revenues of less than $30,000 per year.

The DRIE Ottawa Chapter exists to provide a venue for sharing ideas, concerns, practices, experiences, training opportunities and friendship within the following disciplines as they relate to Business Continuity Management: 

  • Business Continuity Planning,
  • IT Disaster Recovery Planning,
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection,
  • Crisis Management,
  • Emergency Management, 
  • Risk Management
  • Information Security
  • Physical Security. 
DRIE Ottawa typically holds three quarterly, morning meetings, and one full day conference, annually.

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DRIE Ottawa Privacy Policy
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