How To Apply

Application Format
No specific application form is used.  Send your application to as an attachment.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

The Applicant is asked to organize information under the following headings:

Cover page
Title of submission
Name and contact information
Date of submission
Table of contents
Page Two – Short Essay in the Applicant‘s own words
In 500 words or less address the following:
The course of study, which includes curriculum covering one or more of: BCP/DR/Security/Emergency Management or related disciplines;
Identify clearly what elements were learned relevant to the disciplines identified above.  Please include relevant project work in the course of study;
Describe how these skills will be leveraged in advancing career goals.  Please include any applicable Co-op or work placement examples.

Page Three - Record of Grades 

(Note: not all fields may apply)           
The Applicant is to provide his or her most recent transcript and ensure that the required information below is included in the submission.
Student Name
Student Number   
Academic Institution
Course Number
Course Name (Specific to bursary curriculum requirement)
Applicable Projects
Project grades
Number of Academic Terms Completed
Cumulative Grade Point Average
Graduation Date   

Page Four - Academic Reference Contact Information                
Two references are required.
Name of Professor/Teacher:
Office Address: