Dr. Wayne Boone Memorial Bursary

As an organization dedicated to the support of our members, we, and our bursary benefactors, hope to assist and recognize students who wish to pursue careers in our industry. 

Applicants whose course and career objectives include any of the following are welcome to apply:  Business Continuity Management, IT Disaster Recovery Planning, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Crisis Management, Emergency Management, Information Security, Physical Security, and Risk Management.

This bursary recognizes the enthusiasm, skill, dedication, and accomplishments of the applicant in their endeavors to make one of the above-listed skills their preferred career path.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are to provide an overview of their academic and career pursuits focusing on the role BCP/DR/Security/Emergency Management, or related skills will or are playing in your choices. 

The applicant:

  • Does not have to be a full-time student.
  • Should be from a community, or be attending a post-secondary institution, in Eastern Ontario.

The bursary is not program-specific (i.e. it can be from any program such as business, security, technology, etc.), only that it leads to someone being able to pursue a career in the Business Continuity, Emergency Management, Security or Risk Management fields.

The bursary is not "grade" specific (i.e. highest marks) but more generally "most deserving" as judged by the RIE Ottawa Bursary Committee. Academic references will be contacted by the RIE Ottawa Bursary Committee.

RIE members or their relatives will receive added favour in the evaluation process.


The RIE Ottawa bursary for students enrolled in BCP/DR courses was created by Betsy Sayers in 2006.  She anonymously funded the bursary for 5 years.  Initially, only full-time students of courses, that included a BCP component, could be nominated – and only by their academic institute. 

From 2011 to 2014, the bursary was managed by the RIE Ottawa Executive Committee and funded out of member dues and corporate sponsorship. In 2014 the requirement that the student be full-time was dropped. In 2014 Dr. Wayne Boone stepped forward to become the primary benefactor. In 2015 the requirement that a nomination comes directly from an academic institute was dropped in favour of self-nominations with an academic referral. 

On June 20th, 2015 Dr. Boone died in a fatal motor vehicle accident. In recognition of all that Dr. Boone had done for our industry, Brian Miller suggested, and the Executive Committee agreed, that the bursary be renamed in his honour.  Brian contributed $500.00 for the 2015/2016 year and committed to a minimum of four more years of $500.00 as well as matching donations to another $500.00. There were 5 private donations made for the 2016/2017.